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As part of the fight against the terrorist threat, the regulation concerning the sale to individuals of products known as “precursors of explosives” has been effective since September 1, 2017. For pools, the product concerned is hydrogen peroxide (liquid active oxygen) whose concentration is greater than 12%.

Vente et stockage

As Pool constructors sell hydrogen peroxide, they have the obligation to keep a register recording the date of sale, the name, the address and the signature of the customer who buys this product, as well as the quantities bought, by specifying its concentration and the use that the buyer intends to make and the method of payment. The buyer has the obligation to produce a piece of identification.

All the information must be kept for a period of five years … These records must be quoted and initialled by the police authorities who will keep these data.

Merchants are also required to report to the authorities any transaction they consider suspicious.

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