Ospa, a large manufacturer of swimming pool technology from Mutlangen in Baden-Württemberg (Germany) has launched a series of new products.

Digitization has played an important role at Ospa since the introduction of the “Ospa BlueControl” control technology. With the new app “Ospa-BlueCheck”, the Ospa water treatment system can be monitored and monitored remotely from the road at any time. A remote access module can be used to control water temperature, whirlpool control and system operation. Also on water values, reserve or fault messages as well as the ventilation can be operated mobile.

There are different versions for bath operators, authorized Ospa service partners and the Ospa factory customer service. While the bath operator can only monitor his bath, service partners and Ospa factory customer service can look after all their maintenance contract customers and thus have a quick overview of current messages. The system has encrypted data transmission in accordance with the new EU Data Protection Directive and is suitable for all “BlueControl” controllers from the “III Web” version.

Efficient vacuum filter for public pool construction

For the public pool area Ospa offers a new vacuum filter. It can be used both for new plants and renovations. Thanks to its modular design, it can also be used with very large basins. The advantages of the Ospa vacuum filter include space-saving installation, low operating costs and low water and electricity consumption. This is partly due to the fully automatic “BlueControl” filter control. Due to the special Ospa Hydroanthrasit properties similar to those of activated carbon are achieved. Thus, Ospa vacuum filters are capable of reducing bound chlorine and other organic chlorine compounds such as THM and AOX.

The proven Ospa water quality will also be available for whirlpools in the future. Ospa has developed the fully automated measuring, control and dosing system “Ospa-WP-MessDos”. With it the water values ​​in the whirlpool can be regulated fully automatically. The system avoids chlorine over or under dosing and ensures skin and eye-friendly bath water.

The entire system is pre-assembled ready for connection. On the central board there is a control computer and a measuring vessel with three measuring electrodes. In addition, there is a flow meter to shut off the metering in case of insufficient flow through the dirt filter. Two drip pans for 5 liter drums as well as two hose dosing pumps and two suction lances with empty signal complete the package. The system can be retrofitted at any time and can be stored in a space of 80 x 35 x 50 cm to save space.

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