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In these times of uncertainty with the fear of the coronavirus being in many peoples’ minds, let’s have a look to swimming pools, their potential risks and the necessary pool water treatment to make sure the swimming pool is a safe place for us to be. The main question everybody asks is:

1. If swimming pools are being chlorinated in accordance with current recommendations & best practicesis this sufficient to inactivate COVID-19 virus?

2. Should usersbe doing something they didn’t do before?

A Fluidra’s White paper answers the two questions:

Question 1. Yes, for a conventional swimming pool with good hydraulicsand filtration, operating within its design bathing load, adequate water qualityisachieved with a free chlorine level of ≥0.5-1mg/l throughout the pool. This means: with a free chlorine level of ≥0.5-1 mg/l the water is not only disinfected, it also has a disinfecting potential to tackle with any virus or germ which may be taken into the water. Moreover, automationis very recommendable for ease of mind. (Otherwise the person in charge of the pool bears all the responsibility for the users’ health.) Routine measurementof the main values is essential (pH value and free chlorine level (DPD-1); it may be carried out manually or automatically.

– Question 2. As in our daily life we recommend maintaining adequate personal hygiene. For example, if there may be a risk of having touched surfaces such as changing room benches, doors or knobs, it is advisable to wash your handsand / or sanitize them with disinfectant before entering the pool. We recommend bathers to always shower before and after swimming in the pool. It is also recommended to wash suits and bath towels, to eliminate all bacteria or viruses.In addition to the pool water, it is recommended to keep the surrounding areas of the pool disinfected, as well as its equipment, such as showers, ladders, etc. applying products specially indicated for this use.

Read more: Fluidra’s White Paper.

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