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After 15 years of research and development, Diasa Industrial, a chemical company from La Rioja (Spain), presents its latest innovation: Elacin, a removal of isocyanuric acid system pool. This technology, the result of the know-how in the research of nanomaterials applied to the process of swimming pool water treatment, provides savings of up to 30% in the renewal of water and even up to 80% in consumption of chemical products. According to Diasa, it is a clear commitment to the sustainable pool.

Elacin allows the removal and recycling of isocyanuric acid, improving the water quality and limiting health risks when bathing and in the discharge of waters loaded with this element, respecting the environment. This isocyanuric acid rmoval system is for any type of pool, both private and public. Isocyanuric acid has always been a problem in pools, since it deteriorates the quality of water. With Elacin this problem is solved, while avoiding the use of liquid chlorine, improving the handling and safety of one of the most commonly used chemicals in swimming pools, without forgetting the economic problem that the instability of its price in the market implies.

This new process developed by Diasa, therefore, turns the pool into a sustainable space, since it is able to recycle isocyanuric acid to create other products such as chlorine stabilizers, saving in energy, water and consumption of chemical products. Fo example, with Elacin you can save up to 60% of chemicals consumption. And, even, if the pool additionally uses hypochlorite, the savings reach 80%. Elacin achieves that only 10% is renewed weekly of pool water, instead of renewing 30%, with all the economic costs that this implies.

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