Piscine Oggi

Founded in 1972, Piscine Oggi is the only Italian magazine specialized in the pool sector.

The magazine is quarterly with a special annual issue, Guida Piscina (Pool Guide) and it is focused on technology, design, planning and maintenance of residential and public swimming pools (recreational and sports facilities, spas…): the magazine collects and analyses technically every architectural structure with water as key element.

Extensive technical documentation makes Piscine Oggi a concrete point of reference for architects, designers, operators and for any reader who wants to increase knowledge and find interesting new ideas to build or manage a pool.

Piscine Oggi presents the most recent and innovative pools with detailed photographic report integrated with data sheets, drawings and rendering. In any issue, the magazine updates, describes and interprets design and technology of pools and coatings, water treatment systems, regulations, market researches and prices of prefabricated pools.

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Contact information

Phone: +39 051 255544
Editorial: piscineoggi@ilcampo.it
Advertising: adv@ilcampo.it
Website: www.piscineoggi.it

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