The Riviera Pool ProPartner conference was all about the 10th anniversary of the distribution partnership. This was celebrated accordingly – with cinematic awards and a stylish evening event in a hotel in the Netherlands.
When all the ProPartners in the cinema room in Nordhorn (Lower Saxony) had made themselves comfortable with popcorn and soft drinks, a time journey began in terms of pool design. The marketing department of Riviera Pool had scoured her archive and dug up some curiosity.

The movie not only showed stages from ten years of ProPartner concept, but also how much the pool industry had changed during this time. Blue-and-white standard pools with Roman steps and raised pool surrounds – that was once. “We have changed the swimming pool world in design,” said Riviera Pool CEO Guido Rengers proudly. With straight-line basin formats such as the “D-Line”, the integration of watercourses, springs or fire bowls. “We knew then, that’s the future. But that alone was not possible. We needed a team. “

The Transformation Of The Pool World

That’s how the idea came about with the ProPartner concept, in which long-standing Riviera partners came together even more closely and developed further together. Also with external input, as Guido Rengers emphasized. It was very important to cooperate with the pool visionaries of the US designer group “Genesis”, which sharpened the eye for the details and tickled out the last 10 percent, which make the difference. And the transformation of the pool world succeeded. “What was Utopia in 2009 is our daily business today,” summed up Guido Rengers.

Those who had done particularly well in the day-to-day business were awarded a ProPartner Award as every year. The tribute did not take place this time on the legendary staircase at the company headquarters in Geeste, but in the cinema hall of Nordhorn.

New: “Rivera Cloud” And Portable Spa “Strato”

On the one hand, the three best-selling ProPartners of the year 2018 were honored. Following the ceremony, there was a glimpse into Riviera Pool’s new digital marketing tools. Behind the “Riviera Cloud” hides next to the newly designed website, an app, a pool configurator and a CRM system. This offer replaces the previous ProPartner website.

And there was also a product premiere to celebrate: The new, now available “Strato 2.1.” Is a portable spa with the proven technology from the “Strato” series. The model is available in five different design variants, the acrylic pool is always white, the color of the panel but either anthracite gray or beige. In addition to a variant “Lite” (with white contrasting corner elements), there is the “Strato 2.1.”

Also in the dignified version “Elegance”. In contrast to the other “Strato” models, the “Strato 2.1” has no deck board as a border, but is equipped with a wide acrylic edge surface on which the new hardtop rests. The patented system with four aluminum pull-outs for storing the hardtop covers the spa and has a built-in waterproof cover that keeps the panels clean.

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