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Contrary to common belief, the pool is not the most water consuming element in our homes. If the average water consumption per capita is about 250 litres per day in Italy – a higher figure than the European average of about 160 litres – every day we throw away 32 litres of water, i.e. 960 litres per month just to wash our teeth, while we could be fine with half litre per day if only we kept the faucet closed until we rinse our mouth out. But household water waste is not just this.

Every time we drain the toilet from 5 to 7 litres drinking water are being used, so when we flush a tissue or some hair tangled in a brush, we consume water. And not a little: about 25% of total household water resources. And then the shower: 5 minutes per day consume 75-80 litres, but if we prefer having a bath, then it’s 150 litres. Cooking and dish washing is a further waste of 40-50 litres per day – less if we use the dishwasher, provided it’s fully loaded. Just to make a comparison, garden maintenance requires 30% of our water, bath 25% and toilette 25%. Pool filling only 0.5% of household water.
However, just because pool consumes less than other household activities, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t bend that consumption toward zero. To achieve this goal, Piscine Oggi magazine has launched the campaign called “The Self-sufficient Pool”, i.e. a series of solutions and good practices aimed at minimizing the impact of pools on the Planet and on our finances.

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