Pool and swimmer

Over the full year 2017, the turnover of the profession recorded an increase of + 11% compared to 2016.

In just one year, 100,000 new pools have been constructed. The number of private pools exceeds the 2 million. the number of construction of private pools increased by 11.5%.

The number of quotations requests also continue to grow. Pool constructors established nearly 4,5% of new quotations during 2017, comparing to an exceptional year 2016, and + 6.5% compared to 2015. The activity of pool constructors, traditionally based on installation and maintenance, is now opening up to new horizons: those of pool staging, re-organization, improvement, or even relooking or restructuring of the pool areas.

Until today, more than 26% of the total pool (buried and semi-buried) have had one or more pool staging operations. A rate that increases with the age of pools. 12% concern pools acquired since 2012 and even should go up to 45% for those constructed before 2001.



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