The challenge facing the swimming pool sector is its adaption to new technologies. The trend towards solutions related to the control and automation of remote pool maintenance is increasingly gaining more followers, which means the industry will have to respond accordingly.

Connectivity changes the way both professionals and the end customers treat a pool. It makes both real-time information about equipment performance (treatment, lighting, heating, cleaning, spa accessories, jets and waterfalls, etc.) and remote pool control possible. Overall, this evolution allows for enhanced monitoring of all pool-related data (consumption, efficiency, cost, etc.), thus opening up a world of possibilities through tools as simple as apps.

There are two clear trends in the field of pool connectivity, also called the Internet of Pools (based on the Internet of Things). On the one hand there is full connectivity, which makes the combined operation of all a pool’s equipment (pumps, electrolysis, pool cleaners, etc.) possible. Partial connectivity, on the other hand, is an individual piece of equipment with its own connectivity via an app for the standalone control of that particular
piece of equipment.

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