Fiore piscina

Who doesn’t long for some refreshment during those long hot summer days? The most popular solution is, of course, a dive into a swimming pool. Such structures though, if not wisely designed, can entail some risks.

This is why the Safety Commission of the Italian standards authority (UNI) has issued the UNI 11718 rule, published on 21st June and entitled “Pool covers: rigid, semi-rigid and soft structures for the public and private sector – Requirements and test methods”. The rule classifies pool covers, either floating or telescopic, and defines performance requirements and the relevant test methods. In particular, there are three features that distinguish covers: safety, energy saving and protection level offered to the pool when it’s not used.

The document is not applied to tensile structures, pressostatic covers, extensible structures, floating balls, liquid pool covers and movable floors. The rule shows the test methods for pool covers in order to define the level of features and defines the main and essential aspects that covers must have to be sold in the market.

It can be purchased directly in the UNI website:

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