Packing A Punch

Never have counter current systems enjoyed a bigger following.Their capacity to add the key element to help re-energise tired old pools while offering huge plus points for building smaller new pools – there is no doubt that counter currents packs a pretty impressive sales punch.Golden Coast Managing Director, Jamie Adams. thinks he knows why: “In the UK, space comes at a premium and nowhere is this truer than when you’re working with an existing pool. “Alongside this, we’re seeing a growth in customers prioritising their health and well-being,” Jamie says.“When it comes to winning contracts, successful companies inspire their customers with a smart use of space which increases the pool’s functionality and space, while meeting all their needs… including some they didn’t even know they had,” he continues.“Counter current jets are one of the most effective additions to small pools – whether they’re brand-new builds or are decades old. “For installers, they’re quick and easy to install. For customers, they deliver the experience of full-length pool swimming without added hassle or expense, while providing them with opportunities for hydrotherapeutic massage and aqua aerobics.”

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