one-piece pool

After years of struggling to gain momentum, one-piece pools have finally found their feet in the UK’s pool market…
Sales of one-piece pools are at an all-time high, with more customers than ever before choosing to invest in the ‘off the peg’ approach to pool installation. And pool companies that offer the one-piece pool service are reaping the rewards of the peak in interest. Brand leaders include Niveko, Luxe Pools, Sunquest Pools, Riviera Pools and Bosta.

From a trade perspective, one-piece pools offer a fast-track installation and a controllable profit margin. The systemised installation is quick, straightforward and can be done in almost all weather conditions.

From a consumer point of view, one piece pools are sold from a price list with no ‘guesstimating’. This is particularly well received by customers who appreciate being able to change the specification and additional options. Added to that is the fast and hassle-free installation of a one-piece pool, resulting in minimal disruption – another tick in the box for the customer.

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